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The bottom line: The partner-to-partner motion drives revenue 

The Dicker Data Partner to Partner Portal is a networking platform that brings together Resellers with Solution Partners that have solutions or services in a specific Microsoft Cloud or customer segment. Our aim is to connect you with other partners that can help unlock new customer opportunities you might have, but currently don’t have the skills or resources to address. The right partnerships open the door to unlimited opportunities and Dicker Data wants to be there to support this growth, whether we are showcasing your solution or helping you start in your Cloud transformation. 

At Dicker Data, our belief in partnerships is what drives us and we are 100% committed to our channel. The core of what we do is to help build capability and competancy in Microsoft Cloud technology and as your needs change, so do ours, by bringing to market more services, programs and initiatives that are geared around your transformation. From our Ascend Partner Enablement Program to our Amplify Marketing as a Service program to the Partner to Partner portal, we are invested and committed in supporting you and your growth.

When done right, partnering grows the pie for everyone—for customers, yes, but also for each of the partners – Satya Nadella, Hit Refresh  

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